How to ship cake pops

how to ship cake pops

Cake pops are for themed cake pops or a specific design, for cake pops with sprinkles and for plain dipped cake pops.
I get asked how to ship cake pops regularly, and I thought - rather than typing it out every time, why not create the most detailed tutorial possible.
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How to ship cake pops - Weekend

No, really, isn't it? These cookies are whale cute! Anyway the website is Did you find any solution? how to ship cake pops I have a customer who wants 4 doz. cake pops shipped to her. I have no idea how I'm going to package them so they don't get smashed!.
Would anyone know how to ship cake pops??? Thanks 4 replies. Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile. How To Ship Cake Pops?.
You may have read about our lemon cake pops here. These were made in Akron, OH and shipped to Lawrence, KS. This was a first for La Hoot.