How to make vegan fondant

how to make vegan fondant

This homemade vegetarian fondant recipe is simple easy and derived from my most popular recipe on this blog homemade fondant recipe from.
It was super easy, and not at all messy to make. I found this thread n recipe for vegan fondant thanks to your post on the Silk Ice thread LOL! Vegetarian Fondant And Cake Decorations.
Natural, Vegan Fondant & Cake Icing Recipes. Learn how to create different types of Natural, Vegan Fondant & Cake Icings using these easy to.

How to make vegan fondant - took

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Homemade Fondant(without marshmallows)-RECIPE how to make vegan fondant Click here how-to-make -v to continue reading more detailed instructions on how to.
Add more icing sugar if the fondant becomes too wet and sticky. Update: A great brand of icing colors is Wilton. They make a concentrated gel.
If youre vegan you probably know that marshmallows and gelatin are not vegan. The light corn syrup will make the fondant softer though.