How to send a cake through the mail

how to send a cake through the mail

I need to mail a birthday cake to a dear lady. It usually takes approx. 2-3 days to ship using priority. Anyone have any experience shipping.
holiday shipping from UPS, including effective packing tips for cookies, cakes and even refrigerated foods. Here are top tips for sending food through UPS.
Ship frozen pies, cakes and cheesecakes safely and securely using How to Ship a Frozen Pie or Cake. Although you may desire to send fancy glazed or frosted goodies, save Frosting and glazes can also make cakes or cookies soggy while in.
Layer cakes and cupcakes available for shipping are specially packaged We ship our bundt cakes with UPS or within most of Florida via UPS Ground.
Be careful sending glazes on cakes though. It's best to put them in a portable container like a Ziploc baggie, then the lucky recipient can just. how to send a cake through the mail