How to ship cakes and cupcakes

how to ship cakes and cupcakes

How to Ship a Cake. Shipping a cake is a rather risky procedure. With the handling that the package may go through while in transit, there is no guarantee that.
Layer cakes and cupcakes available for shipping are specially packaged with dry ice in an insulated cooler and shipped via UPS. They will remain fresh after.
For Cakes and Cupcakes Cakespy gave us a great idea: ship them in mason jars! Not only Be careful sending glazes on cakes though.

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The House That Lars Built. Categories: Cake Decorating Learn more. So here are the supplies needed to send a frosted cupcake or cupcakes in the mail. I know Coleman makes ice packs as be sure to check the camping section at Walmart! In fact, we take great pride in making sure that the cakes we deliver nationwide will taste just as fresh as if you walked into our store! Once you've passed initial health department. how to ship cakes and cupcakes