How to measure shortening

how to measure shortening

If you're scooping shortening out of a can rather than using the already marked- for- measurement sticks, here's some guidance on how to get the amount you.
Trick: Measuring Butter, Shortening & Solids | Baking 101 Video: Quick, Easy Tips & Tricks - Duration: 2:37.
Measuring can make or break a recipe especially when baking. Even a Measuring shortening using the water displacement method. how to measure shortening


How to Measure Shortening

How to measure shortening - birthday

For best results, all dry ingredients should be at room temperature. One is that when measuring liquids, you should get eye level with the liquid to ensure an accurate measurement. Not the best system, but now that it's been in place for more than a century, it's gonna take more than a whiny internet mickey mouse clubhouse cookies to change. Measure liquids at eye level. When I measure flour I now know to not scoop it out of the bucket.