How to smooth fondant

how to smooth fondant

When I was first teaching myself to work with fondant, I found one of the hardest parts was actually covering the cake and having it look smooth.
Fondant can be smooth and perfect and then with no warning suddenly develop an unsightly bulge. This can be a result of trapped air between the cake and.
Nutella Bread Recipe: Wanna decorate a cake for yourself.

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How to smooth fondant On rivington nyc
how to smooth fondant Nutella Bread Recipe: Wanna decorate a cake for yourself.
When I don't have the fondant smoother in my hand that is holding the cake, I tend to leave deep impressions and have to re- smooth it out.
Do not cover the fondant directly on a cake. Not only will you not be able to get a smooth even finish, but it is super boring to have cake without.


How to smooth fondant on a cake without a traditional cake smoother