How to thin candy melts for cake pops

how to thin candy melts for cake pops

Have you ever had trouble using Wilton Candy Melts for cake pops? I know I have! It's often too thick and clumpy and I get sooooo frustrated.
Making beautiful sparkling cake pops for your next party doesn't have to be complicated! The beauty of these cake pops is their simplicity.
What can be used to thin candy coating? Lollipop sticks; Cake balls ; Melted candy coating; Toothpicks; Cake pop stand or styrofoam block.


How to Thin Candy Melts for the Perfect Cake Pops I made my first batch of cake pops this weekend, and although they were an overall success, i could not get the candy melts to thin out! What Is The Best Brand Of Candy Melts To Use For Cake Pops.
I live in the uk and can't get vegetable shortening what else can I use to thin the consistency? 1 answer My candy melts are not melting enough to dip & I do not have CRISCO. I started using chocolate vs candy coating for my cake pops.
Okay, so a few days after my first failure at making cake pops, I summoned the muster to make another Thin your candy coating as it melts.