How to stick fondant to cake

how to stick fondant to cake

I've listed a few common things that can be used to make fondant stick to your perfectly ganached cake, and some of the pros and cons of each one to help you.
Links to products used in this tutorial: Flairosol Water Spray Bottle: Wilton Turntable.
I can't seem to get my fondant to stick to my cake. It's like it just wants to slump down on the edges and I can feel that it isn't stuck on the cake. Best Way To Stick Fondant Petals On A Fondant Cake?.

Here's: How to stick fondant to cake

Instant pudding cake Kind of like the Viva smoothing method, but your paper towel is damp. Tends to stick very well to the ganache, meaning if you need to remove the fondant and try again, there can be a lot of ganache marks on the fondant. Intro to Cake Decorating. When you do fondant decorations do you let it sit out and get harder before applying or apply strait away. It's powdered sugar lalaloopsy cupcakes it prevents the fondant from sticking to the table, similar to using flour to keep a dough from sticking. Don't forget to blot the cake board.
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