Mocha paste

mocha paste

MOCHA PASTE. Product code A chocolate- and coffee-flavored paste that is perfect for using in ganache, mousse, and gelato. 1 jar: 2.2 kg.
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Mocha paste is an ingredient called for in these cupcakes I want to try. I can only find it online and it is much too expensive. I am trying to find. I have a recipe that calls for mocha paste and I've found it online but it's so very least where I've looked. Does anyone know of.
Article # 1 x 1 lb per btl Natural Coffee Mocha Aroma Paste for all your flavoring needs, either for your batters, creams, mousses, butter creams.
Strong, small, dark - that is Mocha! Coffee preparation type Arabica. Oil-based, bake stable and with natural flavour. Item No.: 239. Package: 1,0 kg. Dosage.

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