How to transport frosted cookies

how to transport frosted cookies

They do not have any icing to get messed up and hold their shapes fairly Bar cookies and brownies can work well, especially if you transport.
Well, I'm not having much luck with replies in my other groups, I would do it one of 2 ways. Either take suran wrap and just carefully wrap them.
For other cookie storage instructions (such as how long to let icing dry before . packing decorated cookies for transport, storing iced cookies, Julia M Usher. how to transport frosted cookies


Flooding Cookies with Royal Icing by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio I have little, frosted cookies with peppermint shavings for DC's preschool class tomorrow. How do I (or the babysitter, really) get them to school.
I don't have a way to transport that many cookies and have them laying flat. I've not done MMF on a cookie before. I've only attempted to make.
If the cookies are decorated with buttercream icing, they should be placed on a flat surface and not stacked. Carefully cover with plastic wrap or foil. If using.