How to make skin color fondant

how to make skin color fondant

I've been asked to make a baby shower cake with a baby on top. Does anyone know what the best color to use to tint my fondant skin colored   Flesh Tone Fondant.
Tinting fondant is similar to tinting icing, but gel food coloring should be used ins. You can make the flesh color as dark or light as you want by adding a little.
Learn everything there is to know about how to color fondant with gel But, I normally use marshmallow fondant (MMF) which I make at home. how to make skin color fondant How to make pale skin colored fondant how to cook that ann reardon - Duration: How To Cook That 91.
Discover all the tastiest flesh colored fondant recipes, hand-picked by home chefs How to make skin color fondant - Ann Reardon - How To Cook That.
So I'm doing.a baby shower cAke for a boy well they want it to be camo and ontop the cake they want a nest wit a baby in it and I need to kno.