How to make shiny icing for cakes

how to make shiny icing for cakes

These stunning, shiny cakes are making the internet drool . Here's how to make your own glaze for a "mirror cake." Chocolate Glaze (Ultra.
English text:The mirror icing is a new product which gives an excellent How To Make a Mirror Glaze.
FREE Guide for How to Make Fondant Shiny & More! fondant . Do you think the corn syrup/alcohol would work on royal icing too? It would be. how to make shiny icing for cakes

How to make shiny icing for cakes - use

Piping gel works very well as well. So no way I'm trying this! Photo via Torta - Couture Cakes The subtle sheen on these pale yellow hypericum berries was achieved by dipping them in egg whites. Apparently these have been around for a long time and have come back into fashion like mini skirts or bell bottom trousers. Do not touch until dry to avoid fingerprints. The cocoa butter in the chocolate base helps to give some of the shine. It would depend on the cake type.