How to thaw cool whip in a hurry

how to thaw cool whip in a hurry

I'm fixing to make a recipe calling for thawed cool whip. I'm all ready to make it and I forgot to put ou the cool whip to thaw! Does anyone know.
I have 3 8oz tubs of frozen cool whip that I need to thaw for a recipe I'm making for lunch. Right now they are just hanging in the.
To quickly thaw frozen CoolWhip, float it in cold water for minutes. This is a lifesaver for last minute desserts.

How to thaw cool whip in a hurry - milk

This field is required. For the best answers, search on this site Be sure all cookware is well-scrubbed and rinsed. Bring the fruit or vegetables to a full boil and cook only until tender. We recommend you begin a new post. Now, I'm making a dessert and I need to thaw the cool whip. Could I put it in the mircrowave, or will that make it funny? How can I thaw the cool  How to thaw cool whip?.
Question: How do you thaw cool whip? Answer: Cool whip is stored in the freezer section of the grocery store. Many people place it back into their home freezer.
I had a friend in college who used to microwave her ice cream. Apparently it was too cold straight out of the freezer, so she warmed it up a bit. how to thaw cool whip in a hurry